What’s your unique selling point?

Making your business stand out in a crowded market can be challenging. Differentiating your business will be key to attracting the right customers and giving them […]

Marketing your new business

Marketing your new business can be daunting. Even with the best products and/or services in the world, you won’t make many sales if your intended customers […]

Does your business need an app?

Mobile apps have revolutionised how we live, organise and track our lives. The average smartphone user now has 35 different apps on their device, showing not […]

Your new business idea

That Eureka moment when you come up with a brilliant new business idea is a fantastic feeling! You’ll be full of ambition and desperate to begin […]

How to Create a great Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are the foundation for each and every Cheshire Cat Creative design project. Before we begin creating anything, we always start by pulling inspiration from […]

Hello world!

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Branding – What is Brand Identity?

Right then, let’s break this down. Branding and your brand’s identity is hugely important! Brand Identity basically refers to all the components including the name, logo, […]

Google Adwords

Google AdWords will need a fair investment, both in time and money, but it’s a good one. The search network can make sure your ads rank […]