Why should email marketing be a priority for your business?

Marketing by email is still the most targeted and cost-effective way of marketing!

There is much more to email marketing strategy than simply sending out weekly emails.  Utilising subscriber segmentation, personalisation and media integration are now the necessary elements of any successful email marketing campaign. We provide complete and tailored email marketing management for our clients, including tracking, custom template designs and click through optimisation.

Why Choose Us For Your Email Marketing?

We believe in crafting bespoke email marketing campaigns that are specific to your brand that will add more value than just your number of subscribers. Email marketing has the power to convert visitors into customers, with targeted, customised and personalised marketing having been shown as the most effective method to do so. We start all of our projects with an introductory meeting where we get to know you and your company’s needs and targets. We'll also research your business's current web presence and online marketing. This way  we can prepare a set of specific structured objectives to help us launching your first email marketing campaign.

"Repeated interactions with a customer will strengthen their long-term emotional, psychological and physical investment they have with a brand"

What's Involved?

Digital Marketing works best as a multi-channel approach. Essentially, it's all based around content! You need a hook, something to attract and hold your potential customers attention.